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These videos are about 5M in size and might take a minute to download. The video will start automatically as the video is streaming. Sometimes it will seem to be 'jumpy'. In this case hit the stop button and then play it again. This will give the control time to buffer more of the video.

FireFox users need to install the windows media player plugin and it can be found here. Windows Media Player Plugin

With the release of Internet Explorer version 9 (IE9) many websites and webmasters have reported sites that have experienced problems, from menus not working, not being able to download file, videos not playing and on extremes the site won't even show up. Some of the fixes can be as simple as changing the fonts the site uses as IE9 does not handle the fonts well and ranging to having to re-write the code in order to work with IE9.

As far as videos not playing many of the fixes depend on the client (user's computer) and not the website itself. Below are just to name a few fixes to try and enable videos
  • Make sure that the latest plug-ins/add-ons are installed these can include, flash, windows media player and silverlight to just name a few.
  • Make sure your video / graphic drivers are the latest. IE9 uses the graphic cards to do pictures and videos instead of using the code. Out dated or old drivers will cause probles with IE9.
  • Enable Compatibility View (IE9)
  • Disable Graphics Acceleration (IE9)
We hope this helps you in getting to view the videos.

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